National Electoral Body Sends Warning To Political Parties

The Chairperson of the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC), Halima Ismail Ibrahim has sent a stern warning to registered political parties in the country.

Halima warned that political parties which don’t set up offices and work as genuine political parties will lose their accreditation.

“Any party that is confirmed to have no physical presence or doesn’t operate as a genuine political party will lose its registration certificate,” she warned.

“The political parties are required to build their institutions properly, but when a political party doesn’t open offices, it shows it cannot establish a genuine government,” she said. She said the electoral authorities will soon inspect all the offices of the registered parties and any party that is considered to be unfit to run as a party will be revoked of its certificate.”

Up to 15 parties have registered with the NIEC, with many of them allegedly run by few individuals.  It is expected that the political party system will replace the current clan-based power-sharing system in the upcoming 2020 elections.

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