HirShabelle President Meets With Senior Military Officials At His Residence In Mogadishu

HirShabelle President Mohamed Abdi Waare on Monday evening hosted an Iftar dinner for senior military officials from his State to discuss critical security issues including the rising Al-Shabaab threat in HirShabelle and plans to resume the offensive against the militants in the region.

President Waare briefed the military officials on the security challenges in the region and the need for the military to support his administration with military advice since they possess vast military experience.

The officials expressed their willingness to support the administration in its fight against Al-Shabaab and promised to forge a strong working relationship with the president and his administration.

On his side, President Waare thanked the commanders for their willingness to work with the administration and underscored the need for such meetings to take place on regular basis. He held similar meetings with other SNA and AMISOM commanders discussing with them the growing Al-Shabaab threat in the region. The group recently killed two HirShabelle MPs in an ambush.

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